VNC (RFB) bug on a 3.9 image

Sébastien Rocca-Serra sra at
Fri Nov 17 14:40:56 UTC 2006

I want to run the RFBServer on a 3.9-7067 image.

But when I try to connect to it, I get "MessageNotUnderstood: 
(cf. bug 5043,

- I tried both the Squeak RFBViewer and a Windows TightVNC client
- I tried the SqueakMap and SqueakSource packages and I always get this bug.

I tried to change "Smalltalk isBigEndian" to "SmalltalkImage current 
It fixed the error, but I still can't connect:
- I get a "connection closed" message with TightVNC
- with RFBViewer, my image hangs...

So, is there a 3.9 release for RemoteFrameBuffer? Or a .cs I could use?



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