How I want Squeak Project Teams to be Visible

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Sat Nov 18 17:34:01 UTC 2006

It sounds like the weekly squeak is already doing some of this.

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>Klaus D. Witzel wrote:
> >> Did you have anything in mind on how to
> >> generate traffic to the site?
> > -
> >
> > This is a terrific bargain as long as people don't click.
>You're looking for a snazzy, yeah?
>Or maybe a site that presents the projects better than at 'people'?
>Off the top of my head, there are a couple of free things  that can be 
>As you imply, the website needs to be engaging and full of info that
>readers would yearn for, and come back for.  Each project (or maybe just
>the entire site at first), could have an RSS feed associated with each
>project that gives progress reports and basically introduces the
>projects and how the application can be used. I'm a big believer in
>feeds. The only issue is that authors have to be diligent in updating so
>that Squeak stays fresh in the minds of the readers.
>Once the website is up and saying great things about the projects, you
>could contact diverse bloggers to promote this new site on their blog to
>generate traffic. I suggest high profile bloggers that are outside the
>scope of Squeak, but reach readers that would be interested in Squeak
>and the projects.
>Oh, another thing that could be done is to aggregate other Squeak blogs.
>This adds weight and credibility to the site.
>I'm sure there are lots of other free things to do (free: as in "not
>counting the time to do all of this!")

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