mac carbon VM 3.8.14b3 pending

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Mon Nov 20 15:19:53 UTC 2006


a) The failure URL is passed in the HTML

b) You need to ensure the image name and the image path is correct,  
that information is stored in the info.plist of the plugin.

On 20-Nov-06, at 3:30 AM, Bert Freudenberg wrote:

> On Nov 20, 2006, at 8:37 , John M McIntosh wrote:
>> I think in the plugin image it looks for the untrusted directory  
>> as the default?
>> By default that should be.
>> ~/Preferences/Squeak/Internet/My Squeak/
>> If that directory is missing, then you'll get the
>> '/foobar/tooBar/forSqueak/bogus'
> If the directory does not exist yet, it should be created on  
> startup. That's what I do on the X11 browser plugin - no need for a  
> separate per-user installation procedure. I also copy the image  
> (although that might have been not so brilliant an idea, making  
> system-wide image upgrades more difficult) and create the Desktop  
> symlink. Anyway, we would just have the VM and the plugin (in my  
> install I renamed the VM to and included the image -  
> starts to look like a regular Mac application).
> At the very least it should still report the supposedly right  
> directory even if it does not exist, yet. In that case it will be  
> created in FileDirectory>>startUp.
>> and you say the plugin does not work yet?
> Not yet, but maybe I got the paths wrong. The console log says:
> 2006-11-19 18:30:07.053 Squeak VM Opt[2648] *** _NSAutoreleaseNoPool 
> (): Object 0x4183d0 of class NSPathStore2 autoreleased with no pool  
> in place - just leaking
> Squeak Plugin: Image file not found: SqueakPlugin.image
> Squeak Plugin: no failure URL:
> Another problem is that the secure directory seems to be reported  
> as the image path. But in a regular install, Squeak would not be  
> allowed to write there. I'd prefer a directory structure similar to  
> what the X11 browser plugin uses (next to "My Squeak"). The secure  
> directory must be in a user-writable location.
> - Bert -

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