Broken SqueakSource?

Ron Teitelbaum Ron at
Mon Nov 20 19:38:09 UTC 2006

Yeah I'm doing that for my main USMRS package.  But I also load up Seaside,
SeasideAsync, Cees' tric stuff, Glorp, PostgresV2, a bunch of cryptography
stuff and more, and I want to know when something changes anywhere.  Plus I
load this frequently to a virgin image to make sure I can load everything up
properly.  Monticello Configurations is wonderful for this!


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> On 11/20/06, Ron Teitelbaum <Ron at> wrote:
> >  I have no idea
> > how people use Monticello without using Monticello Configurations!  (I'd
> be
> > completely lost without it)
> FWIW: what we do is to have a single package with no actual code, with
> dependencies on every other package our application needs (this is a
> flat dependency tree, not nested).  When developing, we commit new
> versions of the lower-level packages as needed.  When we want to
> release something, we sync up everyone's changes and then commit a new
> version of the top-level package.  That gets loaded by everyone and
> becomes the basis for a new round of changes.
> Avi

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