John M McIntosh johnmci at
Tue Nov 21 08:06:50 UTC 2006

Ok, well grabbing the sound recording morphic in a 3.9 image I find  
that the sound recorder is saying the recording rate is
11050 and records sound at this rate, now if you watch the second  
hand and count to 10, then hit play, what happens is the
SoundPlayer then is asked to play those sound buffers at 22050 and  
again looking at the clock we see the counting to 10 happens
in 5 seconds.

However I'm not sure where the issue is yet, I think the math  
involved in calculating the samples from a routine that is given  
bytes moved is suspect. I'll look more in a day or two.   For testing  
I recorded a countdown with a Squeak, then played  
back, it was fine, then saved the image and played back with a  
3.8.14b3U vm on powerpc, it was fine.

Then I recorded with a 3.8.14b3U and played back it was 2x too fast,  
then saved the image and played back with a 3.8.1b2 vm, and again it  
was too fast which tells me the sound is not being recorded correctly  
once Ian made the switch to core audio.

On 8-Nov-06, at 7:22 PM, Scott Wallace wrote:

> Hi, John, and all,
> It perhaps bears mentioning that my tests were all run on an Intel  
> Mac.
> 	-- S
> On Nov 8, 2006, at 5:32 PM, Scott Wallace wrote:
>> I downloaded the 3.9 image you pointed to, ran it on my Mac, and  
>> discovered:
>> (a)  The sound-in-event-recorder bug *does* occur.  But it's  
>> slightly different:  although the speed of playback is nearly  
>> doubled, as in OLPC, the *pitch* does not change.  So it is not a  
>> Donald Duck sound.
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