[ANN] stable package universe for 3.9

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Tue Nov 21 18:04:12 UTC 2006

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>Subject: Re: [ANN] stable package universe for 3.9
>Date: 21 Nov 2006 11:26:36 +0100
>Things like this are certainly possible.  For example, it would be
>great if SqueakSource had a button you could press to post a
>package-universes release.
>I agree.  Ideas?  Unfortunately, my Squeak coding time is pretty
>limited these days, but then again Smalltalk is dense enough that many
>workable solutions just take a few lines of code....

If you publish something to squeak map do you have to go to the SqueakSource 
web page?  If that is the case then I think your idea above about the 
SqueakSource web site could be a really convenient way to do this.

For each package, the site could show the universes that package is a part 
of.  If you publish a new version and you have universes defined then it 
could ask you if you want to publish to those universes.  This will probably 
take a bit of coding, but maybe it could get universes used more.

Who would we have to talk to about adding something like this to 

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