new PNGReadWriter with libpng support

Jens Lincke jens at
Wed Nov 22 17:19:21 UTC 2006


I made a PNGReadWriter2 and a PNGReadWriter2Plugin with libpng support 
for fast png reading, which is needed in Sophie and future versions of 

Currently it can only read a png file and returns only 32bit forms.

The repository for this is

and I build it with vmaker 3.8b6, squeak 3.9 and the squeak 3.9-8 unix 

to build it under linux, create a with

  LDFLAGS           += -lpng

in platforms/unix/plugins/PNGReadWriter2Plugin

contributions, e.g. writing images, are very welcome.

- Jens Lincke -

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