SqueakMap Package Loader UI

Brian Rice water at tunes.org
Wed Nov 22 18:58:54 UTC 2006

On Nov 22, 2006, at 10:44 AM, Damien Cassou wrote:

> Hi Brian,
>> Also, which projects make this kind of effort obsolete or easier?  
>> I know about and like the Services/Commands framework and UI, and  
>> Tweak's menubar system, but don't know what they seek to replace.  
>> What I don't know is whether there is a simple menu-bar or other  
>> such system for easily setting up some shared-styled UI features  
>> that get the salient features right in front of the user instead  
>> of burying them in context menus.
> if you are using 3.9, you may want to have a look at TestRunner  
> (included in 3.9). Lukas Renggli wrote it and it is very good I  
> think. It uses the new tool framework, ToolBuilder. I think this is  
> the right new way of implementing tool. It should be compatible  
> with new frameworks.

Good point. I'll take a look.

> Tell me when you trust your implementation, I will include it in  
> Squeak-dev image.
> Thanks for your work.

Thanks. This is my first Squeak contribution in a while.


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