SqueakMap Package Loader UI

Brian Rice water at tunes.org
Wed Nov 22 18:58:47 UTC 2006

On Nov 22, 2006, at 6:16 AM, David T. Lewis wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 22, 2006 at 01:37:15AM -0800, Brian Rice wrote:
>> I fixed up some of the problems with the previous layout and buttons
>> and added package-specific toolbar buttons:
>> http://briantrice.com/Images/Squeak/SMLoader2.jpeg
> This looks very nice to me. The buttons give a visual suggestion of
> what can be done, which seems better for first time users who may
> not know about hidden menus. A couple of suggestions:
> On the filtered view (SMLoader1Filtered.jpeg), I don't see a visual
> indication of the active filtering criteria. It would be good to
> show this.

Hmmm. I'll see what I can do, but that might be more difficult to  
design and implement.

I actually don't use the filters at all in normal usage, just  
sticking with the search bar, but that could just be a result of the  
filter system not being approachable enough. It seems like the kind  
of thing that StarBrowser-style design was made for, which makes me  
think a bigger re-design is in order, something I'd like to avoid for  

> VMMakerTool and the Monticello browsers (and probably others that
> I'm not thinking of) use a similar button-driven design, but the
> button shapes and colors seem to vary. A consistent look would be
> a good thing. Of the UIs that I can think of, I guess that consistency
> between Monticello and SqueakMap would be the first priority, since
> they both serve as package loaders from the point of view of user.

That's a good point about Monticello, especially since I know it  
greys out buttons and does other context-sensitive things. I'll try  
to make it consistent with that, at least.

If I can, I'll make both use ToolBuilder, as suggested by Damien.


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