mac carbon VM 3.8.14b3 pending

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Wed Nov 22 20:22:28 UTC 2006

On Nov 22, 2006, at 20:58 , John M McIntosh wrote:

> On 22-Nov-06, at 7:14 AM, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>>> Is single mouse button behavior correct?
>> Yes.
> Ok, the problem is the browser, or the hardware driver for the  
> mouse etc, is changing the button pressed (say 2) into
> button 1 press with modifier key. That is passed to me by the  
> browser, then we pass that to the VM, where it decides which
> button was pressed based on the modifier keys. MMm perhaps another  
> set of tables is needed in the VM to handle browser mis-mapping.    
> Does this mouse come with software? If so how is it configured?

It's the build-in touch pad of a MacBook Pro - it generates a  
button-2 click, which is equivalent to a MightyMouse right click (or  
any 3-button-mouse's right click).

> Let me ask if you run the VM standalone do the buttons work as  
> expected?


I think the actual problem is that Squeak's modifier mapping is  
wrong. Generally, on Mac OS the way to access the context menu (like,  
in the Finder) is Ctrl-click. So it's only natural that Apple choose  
that mapping to deliver a right click. In Squeak the context menu is  
brought up by Option-click which is rather un-Mac-like, but I'm not  
sure what outcry we would generate if we changed that.

>>> Which cmd-key sequences in which browser.
>> I'm using Safari. Cmd-m, Cmd-p, etc. invoke the browser's menu items.
> I'm fairly sure the browser gets the cmd-key menu shortcuts before  
> the browser does, in fact I'll bet cmd-p is never passed
> on to the plugin because the browser menu logic has eaten it for  
> "print"


>>>> SecurityPlugin paths appear not to be fixed, yet.
>>> What should they be?
> Let me add the parms so you can specify them, then let whomever  
> sort out what they should be.

But they have to be relative to each User's home at least, an  
absolute path won't cut it.

> I'll post a new vm,plugin pair later tonight
>> Should point into the user's library folder - named "My Squeak",  
>> and "private" maybe.
>> IMHO the Right Place for these would be ~/Library/Application  
>> Support/Squeakland, the VM should be /Applications/,  
>> and the image /Applications/ 
>> SqueakPlugin.image.
>> Not sure if everyone would agree on that, though, I won't fight  
>> the status quo too hard ;)
>> - Bert -

- Bert -

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