2006-11-15 SqF board notes

bryce at kampjes.demon.co.uk bryce at kampjes.demon.co.uk
Wed Nov 22 22:56:39 UTC 2006

Craig Latta writes:
 > 1.   Craig will make a second call for release team volunteers.
 >      I did this on 2006-11-03 (see [2]). We actually have some
 > volunteers now! Thanks to those of you who have responded. Again, the
 > board would like to make a decision about the release team during the
 > 2006-12-06 meeting, so if you'd like to volunteer for the release team
 > and haven't contacted us, please do.

Would it be possible to post the list of volunteers to the list with
their proposals for the next release? Or better for the volunteers to
post their proposals here?  It would be great to know what direction
people would like to take Squeak in. A little public discussion and
and visibility would be great.

Keep up the good work.

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