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Thu Nov 23 20:09:41 UTC 2006

This sounds exactly right.  Are you going to use Pavel's work?  It sounds 
like he is doing a lot of what is talked about here.

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>Subject: release team proposal
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>Here is the proposal I sent to the Squeak board.
>The Squeak 3.10 release team is going to focus on developing a simple,
>visible and reliable process for creating new releases.
>The alpha 3.10 release will have an image and a set of core packages.
>Each will have a test suite, and all tests in the test suites will
>pass when any subset of the packages is loaded into the image.  Each
>subsequent version will continue to keep the existing packages
>We expect the alpha release and all later releases to be usable.  We
>want people to feel comfortable using the latest version so that 3.10
>will be heavily used long before the final version and most bugs will
>be discovered.
>Our plan is to have the alpha release by the end of January and to
>accept major changes  for the next three months, i.e. til the end of
>April.  "Major changes" will include moving code from the image into
>packages and making new core packages.  We are not expecting
>any major new features in the image.  The last month will be only bug
>fixes, and a final version of 3.10 will be the end of May.
>The main focus will be on developing a good process for creating
>releases.  So, we expect to experiment with the process.  Ideally, the
>final process would be so easy to follow that it would be easy to be
>in charge of producing a release.
>The current process plan is that all requests for change would go
>through Mantis.  Each bug fix would have a test that shows the bug
>and that shows that it is fixed.  The release team would periodically
>(once or twice a week, perhaps every day) go through Mantis,
>test each change to make sure it doesn't break anything, and commit
>them to the current release.
>The releases would be distributed in several ways.
>There will be a "package universe" of all the core packages,
>and perhaps one of non-core packages, as well. There will be
>an update server so that people do not have to load new images
>to stay up to date.  There will be a Montecello  repository of all
>the changes so that everything we do will be repeatable.
>We will try to make it easy for people to use the
>release that is under active development.
>Current members of the release team are Ralph Johnson and
>Edgar J. De Cleeene.
>Reading it again, I can think of some comments.
>The main one is that this is explaining what the Squeak team will do,
>which is to develop a process for making releases and shrinking the
>image.  Part of the process is making it easy for other people to
>fix bugs and add features.  I am not opposed to adding features!
>You could think that from this proposal. I just think that adding
>features should be what everybody does, not just the release team.
>As part of fixing the process, a large part of my job will be getting
>people to participate.  I expect that the social engineering will be
>more work than the software engineering.  The software engineering
>is, in my opinion, very standard and routine, though I am sure I will
>get some argument about that.  The social engineering will require
>more creativity.

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