Ralph Johnson johnson at
Fri Nov 24 15:01:17 UTC 2006

I'm trying to make all the tests green in 3.9.  Hans-Martin Mosner got
a lot cleaned up, and I'm looking at the rest.  The one that is giving
me problems at the moment is MorphicToolBuilderTests>>testAddAction.
This test is actually inherited from ToolBuilderTests.

It dies because it sends the #receiver message to a symbol.  It pulls
an "action" out of an "itemSpec" and thinks that it will be something
with a receiver, but it is just a symbol.  To me, it looks like a bug
in the test, but I don't know much about ToolBuilder.  Can somebody
who knows a little about ToolBuilder take a look and tell me how to
fix this?  Should we just delete #testAddAction from ToolBuilderTests?
 Can we fix the test?

-Ralph Johnson

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