[ANN] stable package universe for 3.9

Lex Spoon lex at cc.gatech.edu
Sat Nov 25 13:10:37 UTC 2006

Today I added:


Generally I copied the requested versions from SqueakMap.  

I verified that these load successfully, but otherwise I did not
really test them.  If anyone notices problems with the posted
packages, please let me know!  This universe is going to have low
standards, but there's no reason not to at least fix the most obvious
of problems.

I did not add Keymapping or Announcements, because I could not find
the specified version on SqueakMap or Google.  Can you give me more
specific URL's ?

I add a version of Mondrian on SqueakSource, but I immediately removed
it because it seems to depend on Announcements.

Incidentally, KeyBinder is already included in the universe.  Does
anyone know how KeyBinder and Keymapping interact?  Can they really be
loaded simultaneously??  Is one of these preferable to the other?


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