Tests are yellow!

Ralph Johnson johnson at cs.uiuc.edu
Sat Nov 25 13:26:39 UTC 2006

"Tests are yellow" doesn't sound nearly as nice as "Tests are green",
does it?  That is exactly what I felt when I got rid of the last
failing test for Squeak 3.9 and the bar on the Test Runner was *still*
yellow!  It says that there are 2 expected failures.  However, it
doesn't list any methods.   I don't know whether this means that it
was a failure, but it was supposed to be a failure, or whether it was
supposed to be a failure, but wasn't.  If everything is OK, why is the
Test Runner yellow?  If everything is not OK, why doesn't it tell me
which tests are indicating a problem?  Can you help me either make the
Test Runner green or figure out which test is the problem so I can fix

I have attached two change files for your amusement.  They are both
for Squeak3.9-finel-7067.  The first will, despite its name, make the
tests yellow.  There will be no tests left to fix, though, so it
illustrates what I am complaining about.  Hans-Martin Mosner did most
of the work to make this happen.  Andreas Raab said we could delete
the FloatMathPluginTests and Colin Putney said we could delte the
ToolBuilderTest.  All I did was ask the original question, delete
tests people said could be deleted, and move the other failing tests
to subclasses in another category, which I deleted.  I have also
attached this other cateogry, which is called FailingTests.  Don't
file it in unless you want the Test Runner to be red!

-Ralph Johnson
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