Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Sun Nov 26 06:09:20 UTC 2006

Pavel Krivanek wrote:
> I played with the OLPC system image
> (http://tuttlesvc.teacherhosting.com/wordpress/?p=251) now and my
> feelings are quite puzzled - first of all, it seems like almost all
> GUI can be done using Squeak and it's big loss that we aren't able to
> offer Squeak in state when it can do this job :-(

Actually there is quite a bit of work that would be required to get 
Squeak into the state where "it can do this job". About two years ago, 
when we had this discussion the main points were the ability to support 
various scripts (arabic, indic, thai etc) plus their appropriate input 
methods, the ability to integrate existing Linux-based applications, the 
availability of experienced Squeak programmers and then some. By the end 
of the day you have to admit that unless you're planning to go for an 
all-out Squeak approach it is more effective to use a stack like Sugar, 
with Linux, X11, Cairo, Pango at the bottom and Python to integrate 
various libraries and applications. For OLPC it was certainly the right 
decision given their goals, experience, and deadlines.

   - Andreas

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