Tests are yellow!

Adrian Lienhard adi at netstyle.ch
Sun Nov 26 12:28:56 UTC 2006

Hi Ralph,

see implementors of #expectedFailures

IIRC I tagged two tests of Andrew Black as expected failures because  
they document a problem in the compiler (and I didn't expect that the  
compiler will be fixed soon).

Concerning the behavior of the test runner, I think it should turn  
green in this situation. In case the expected failures actually pass,  
it should be yellow (and list the methods that passed in the failures  

Adrian Lienhard

On Nov 25, 2006, at 14:26 , Ralph Johnson wrote:

> "Tests are yellow" doesn't sound nearly as nice as "Tests are green",
> does it?  That is exactly what I felt when I got rid of the last
> failing test for Squeak 3.9 and the bar on the Test Runner was *still*
> yellow!  It says that there are 2 expected failures.  However, it
> doesn't list any methods.   I don't know whether this means that it
> was a failure, but it was supposed to be a failure, or whether it was
> supposed to be a failure, but wasn't.  If everything is OK, why is the
> Test Runner yellow?  If everything is not OK, why doesn't it tell me
> which tests are indicating a problem?  Can you help me either make the
> Test Runner green or figure out which test is the problem so I can fix
> it?
> I have attached two change files for your amusement.  They are both
> for Squeak3.9-finel-7067.  The first will, despite its name, make the
> tests yellow.  There will be no tests left to fix, though, so it
> illustrates what I am complaining about.  Hans-Martin Mosner did most
> of the work to make this happen.  Andreas Raab said we could delete
> the FloatMathPluginTests and Colin Putney said we could delte the
> ToolBuilderTest.  All I did was ask the original question, delete
> tests people said could be deleted, and move the other failing tests
> to subclasses in another category, which I deleted.  I have also
> attached this other cateogry, which is called FailingTests.  Don't
> file it in unless you want the Test Runner to be red!
> -Ralph Johnson
> <Make39Green.cs>
> <FailingTests.st>

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