[ANN] SqueakMap Package Loader new release

Brian Rice water at tunes.org
Sun Nov 26 22:55:19 UTC 2006

This release (1.1) puts together a number of small improvements to  
the SqueakMap package loader UI and is available now on SqueakMap.

- Installed packages and releases are now marked in bold.
- Searching now also uses the description field.
- All of the main features of the app are now in a visible button bar.
- ToolBuilder support is used if available. This means two mostly- 
identical UIs, but that it will retain compatibility with Squeak  
versions pre-3.9.
- The search bar is more obviously labeled.
- Menu entries are now shorter and more readable.

Known Issues:
- Searching does not update the package list selection in the  
ToolBuilder UI.
- On updating to this version, the non-ToolBuilder UI will be (re-) 
opened even though the ToolBuilder UI will be installed in the menu.

These should be fixed in a release soon.



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