Atomic loading of Monticello packages

Ralph Johnson johnson at
Mon Nov 27 11:27:34 UTC 2006

> "SystemEditor is a mechanism for atomically loading a set of changes
> to the system. It's intended to be used by tools such as that move
> classes (or parts of classes) between images, such as Monticello,
> Monticello2, change sets, fileIns etc.
> It provides a familiar interface for making changes, but does not
> execute the changes until it receives a #commit message. This makes it
> easier to update existing tools to load their changes atomically."

I am not sure how it is supposed to be used.  I couldn't find any
tests that actually tie it in to anything.

Are ClassEditor and MetaclassEditor supposed to replace Class and
Metaclass? It looks ot me like I would have to change the
MCPackageLoader to use ClassEditor and MetaclassEditor whenever it
currently uses Class and Metaclass.  Is that the idea?


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