Squeak and Namespaces

J J azreal1977 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 29 18:30:53 UTC 2006

Well I haven't looked at the implimentation details, no.  But what will be 
the result is pretty obvious:  Right now you have a global namespace for all 
classes in your image.  After the change you will have the same but instead 
of MCDictionary or something it will be Monticello::Dictionary.  In other 
words, the end result is just that the identifiers get longer and part of it 
is implicit (i.e. you don't have to type it out usually).

The problem comes if we determine there is a much better way to do this.  We 
can't just pull the namespaces out because then you will have 30 classes 
named "Dictionary" and so on.  You will have to either touch them all or run 
some script that appends the namespace on the front of the class and then 
pull namespaces out.  I don't see either of these as doable, so I would 
expect that once namespaces are in as default for a couple of years that is 
what we are going to have from now on.

p.s. Does it get the namespace from the category?  If not, then that might 
be something to think about. :)

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>Subject: Re: Squeak and Namespaces
>Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 19:23:10 +0200
>Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de> wrote:
> > On Nov 29, 2006, at 19:14 , J J wrote:
> >
> > > Once you get namespaces in, it's going to be pretty hard to take
> > > them out again if research shows a better way.
> >
> > Is that so? Did you read the proposal? It does not look hard at all
> > to back out again.
> >
> > - Bert -
>It would be trivial to back this out. But I guess most people arguing in
>this thread haven't read either the article nor have they actually
>looked at how it works or on the code itself. That is of course no
>crime, but it would be easier to discuss it if people actually looked at
>it. ;) ;)
>But now I guess people are waiting for that walkthrough instead. :)
>regards, Göran

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