Squeak and Namespaces

Lex Spoon lex at cc.gatech.edu
Thu Nov 30 11:49:51 UTC 2006

Andreas Raab <andreas.raab at gmx.de> writes:
> J J wrote:
> > You bring up good points, but how would you implement something like
> > this in smalltalk?  A "compilation unit" (and thus a lookup context)
> > in python is a file.  A "compilation unit" in smalltalk is a method.
> Sure, but this is not about a "compilation unit" it's about a
> scope. Such a scope can easily be defined, system categories or
> Monticello packages are good candidates.

It might work out well to equate all of these things.  Packages,
categories, and naming prefixes would be the same thing.

I do not know for sure whether this would all work out, but it seems
fine on the surface.  The result would be easy to think about, because
programmers would not have to split hairs about, e.g., categories
versus packages.  It should also produce shorter code, because you
could have one declaration (package foo) instead of three (package
foo, namespace foo, category foo).


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