Any Squeakers into CFD?

Joshua Gargus schwa at
Tue Dec 11 19:19:28 UTC 2007

I don't know of any Squeak code to do this.  The starting-point paper  
about this kind of simulation (for computer graphics, anyway) is  
"Stable Fluids" by Jos Stam ( 
).  I'm not sure if there is a later paper that is more approachable;  
the others I've seen are more complicated.  Also note that I don't  
believe that Stam's method can model breaking waves... it doesn't  
allow for a dynamic boundary between different fluids (eg: air and  

Ron Fedkiw has some of the most impressive results (for example: 
.  Of course, the implementations are more complicated.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful; hopefully someone else has better  


On Dec 11, 2007, at 9:23 AM, Dan Ingalls wrote:

> ... that's Computational Fluid Dynamics.  I'm specifically  
> interested in running a Navier-Stokes simulation using something  
> like the Volume of Fluid model to deal with free surface movement.   
> My first goal is to be able to duplicate something like the  
> following simulation of a breaking wave:
> I want to be able to run similar simulations for waves breaking  
> against different shaped walls.
> Most people use big programs in C or Fortran (!), and half the  
> trouble is learning how to use them, since there's no prayer of  
> changing them. However the basic equations can be written in half a  
> page, and I don't need it to run very fast.
> It could be fun but so far it looks like it will be simpler to build  
> a wave tank :-(.
> Thanks for any useful pointers.
> 	- Dan

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