Local SqueakSource Server

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Fri Jun 1 08:34:55 UTC 2007


> It's a pitty that installing something like SqueakSource is so
> complicated...
> One of the problems seems to be that SqueakMap does not work in your
> 3.7 image (there have been various issues with SqueakMap IIRC).

SqueakMap is currently 3.8+ only due to the WideString issue. I upgraded
SqueakMap to 3.8 and then discovered that ImageSegments from 3.8 don't
load in 3.7 or earlier due to the wide string stuff.

Sometime when someone take the time - we should move to another format of
the map. But since I am the only one so far interested in developing
SqueakMap (Brian has helped with the client though) AND I don't have time
- it does not get done.

regards, Göran

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