New Win32 VM [m17n testers needed]

Alexander Lazarevic' Alexander at
Sun Jun 3 12:12:15 UTC 2007

I just did a quick test out of curiosity. I did an "update code from
server" on a rather old image (Squeak3.9gamma [latest update: #7066])
and it seems there is an error while creating a cache directory/file.
The primitive "primOpen: fileName writable: writableFlag" fails on the
filename [1] and writableFlag true.
This works with a 3.7.1 VM.


[1] 'C:\Dokumente und

Andreas Raab schrieb:
> Hi Folks -
> Thanks to some dedicated OLPC-related work done in Greece by Chris
> Petsos[1], we now have a Windows VM with Unicode support enabled. This
> VM will both generate UTF input from characters as well as support
> clipboard, file and directory names in UTF-8. The VM is available here:
> You are invited to test the new work but be advised that this may
> require some manual adjustments - for an understanding what needs to be
> done, please see [2].
> I'm interested in reports, both good and bad about whether the
> clipboard, file, directory and input support behaves as expected.
> [1]
> [2]
> Cheers,
>   - Andreas

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