Smalltalk Hardware Mailing List Proposal

Matthew Fulmer tapplek at
Wed Jun 6 05:56:40 UTC 2007

There are quite a few people interested in Smalltalk Hardware,
and a few people designing hardware for Smalltalk. Most projects
focus on either Squeak or Self. Jecel currently does open
smalltalk hardware projects, and I may be doing one in the fall.
So, I think that a mailing list should be set up for developers
and spectators who are interested in Smalltalk hardware.

Does such a list already exist? Not that I know of.

What should the name be? I think simply "hardware" would be

Where should it be hosted? Viewpoints may be more specifically
interested in this project than the squeak community in general,
so it perhaps should be hosted at Viewpoints. Squeak Foundation
would be fine as well. Impara, probably not.

Matthew Fulmer --
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