Smalltalk Hardware Mailing List Proposal

Brad Fuller brad at
Wed Jun 6 14:25:58 UTC 2007

Sounds great. Wonder if there would be much traffic. Hope so!

Matthew Fulmer wrote:
> There are quite a few people interested in Smalltalk Hardware,
> and a few people designing hardware for Smalltalk. Most projects
> focus on either Squeak or Self. Jecel currently does open
> smalltalk hardware projects, and I may be doing one in the fall.
> So, I think that a mailing list should be set up for developers
> and spectators who are interested in Smalltalk hardware.
> Does such a list already exist? Not that I know of.
> What should the name be? I think simply "hardware" would be
> fine.
> Where should it be hosted? Viewpoints may be more specifically
> interested in this project than the squeak community in general,
> so it perhaps should be hosted at Viewpoints. Squeak Foundation
> would be fine as well. Impara, probably not.

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