Doc team April/May report

Matthew Fulmer tapplek at
Thu Jun 7 01:06:38 UTC 2007

I never sent a monthly report for the month of April, so this is
a two-month report.

In the March report, I promised, with the help of Paul Bennet,
that we would have a plan to get Seaside Documentation to a
better state by the end of the Month. Paul Bennet, however,
disappeared just as fast as he had appeared, so this never
happened. Also, I was very busy in April finishing my school
projects, so *nothing* happened April. 

Around the beginning of May, I began discussing on #squeak what
kind of tools would make it easier for people to contribute to
Squeak Documentation. The consensus seems that successful
documentation for squeak would need to be as distributed,
navigable, and searchable as code for squeak. Seems reasonable.
Around mid-may, I was discussing this again, and Simon Michael
and Ken Causey said they would lend some unofficial help.
Within the last week, I started a small project to help me learn
Seaside and perhaps boost the amount of testing and discussion
that happens around Squeak code: adding email notification to
SqueakSource commits. It should be fun.

Also this month, I re-arranged the tutorial list I have been
building to be more navigable:

I haven't really heard from Andrew Lawson about his Collections
tutorial, or from Aaron Riechow about his screencasts for three

Suggestions are always welcome. Keep on Squeaking.

Matthew Fulmer --
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