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Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 07:13:22 UTC 2007

> > Just as a side-note: In Seaside the encoding and decoding turns out to
> > be very  complicated and expensive. In fact so expensive, that almost
> > nobody is willing to pay for it.
> But is that a property of 1) Seaside or 2) Squeak or 3) UTF-8? If the
> first, just fix it ;-) If the second, what conversions are slow? If the
> third, why not speed it up by a primitive? (UTF-8 translation isn't that
> hard)

I would if I knew how to do it.

> > What most people do is to work with
> > (Squeak 2.7 or) ByteStrings that they treat like ByteArrays. The data
> > is received, stored, and sent exactly the way it comes from the
> > socket. Byte identical strings are sent back as they were received.
> I assume you mean Seaside 2.7 above not Squeak 2.7.

I am talking about Squeak 3.7. There are many Seaside users that will
stick with Squeak 3.7 forever.

> How about trying to improve the speed of conversions? You seem to imply
> that this is the major issue here, so if the conversions where
> blindingly fast (which I think they easily could by writing one or two
> primitives) this should improve matters.

Are you taking about escaping? In Seaside 2.8 the escaping is already
2 times faster than in Seaside 2.7. Character encoding is another


Lukas Renggli

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