[ANN] Nile 0.9.0

Damien Cassou damien.cassou at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 10:28:37 UTC 2007


Nile is a complete reimplementation of the squeak stream hierarchy.
It's based on traits.

You can find it on Universe.

New features include:

- Constructors on collections like #nsReadStream or #streamContents:.
- Better performances than Squeak for #next #next: #nextPut: and
#nextPutAll: with Strings (you can run the benchmarks yourself using
NSBenchmarks>>#launchBenchmarks). Thanks to Klaus D. Witzel, Mathieu
Suen, Roel Wuyts and Andrew P. Black who helped me a lot.
- Adds a lot of libraries based on Nile core. there are generic
buffers, byte reading/writing methods, a thread-safe transcript
(Stéphane Ducasse wrote it), file-based streams...
- No more dependencies: Nile is self contained (previous dependencies
was only for tests and not needed).
- NSMetrics computes some metrics on Nile and the Squeak stream
hierarchy to compare.
- 322 tests

Damien Cassou

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