Image as a database (was Re: UTF8 Squeak)

Ramiro Diaz Trepat ramirodt at
Sat Jun 9 22:07:28 UTC 2007

If you run applications that don't need to execute transactions or
care a lot to lose some part of the objects if the application
crashes, and you also find a nice way to share the instances of your
object model among different running instances (very common in Seaside
to run several images).  Although I have never used VW, it is probably
not a lot different, since Seaside apps can be pretty stable.
But if you need to execute "persistent" transactions, then take a look
at Magma, Glorp, GOODS or even the free version of GemStone.


On 6/9/07, Lukas Renggli <renggli at> wrote:
> > I admit that I came from VW where I'm running quite a number of web apps
> > on images which servers also as a sole database and that just works,
> > reliable and fast.
> >
> > Now I'm thinking to do the same in Squeak. That is, to use squeak image
> > as a database, fast and reliable. Am I too naive?
> A lot of people are doing that with Squeak as well. For example all my
> Pier instances are using the image as a database. It is (was) the same
> for SmallWiki.
> It is certainly fast. The reliability depends on the VM you are using.
> Some VMs are known to crash if they have been started with the wrong
> parameters or if they grow over a certain amount of memory.
> Lukas
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> Lukas Renggli

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