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Herbert König herbertkoenig at
Sun Jun 10 07:38:49 UTC 2007

Hello Blake,

B> FWIW (and WIW may be VDL given my current pace) I'm working on tutorials
B> using Morphic.

maybe this is of interest for your tutorials:

I'm definitely a friend of Morphic too. First it's great to build
'unusual' UI's with it.

I hat some hard time to build boring UI's. I come from dcl (Dialogue
Control Language) which I always thought superior to the VB/Delphi way
of plastering widgets onto panels.

Dcl just is a nested tree of rows and columns into which you stick
your widgets. The key was to notice that TableLayout is no table
layout but either a horizontal or a vertical layout.

Since then I happily paster RowMorphs and ColumnMorphs onto my UI into
these I stick the widgets, including spacers.

The other part of dcl which is about how to combine the behaviour and
the widgets easily maps to the Pluggable...Morphs if you separate
creating the morphs from setting their actions and targets. This
allows to create UI's before creating the models and for some groups
of problems (mainly when doing something new) a UI helps me to find
the necessary properties of the model.

Though I think this would be superior I still do it the way I learned
it from the examples. Which is using the class methods which set the
behaviour of the widgets during creation.

I would be interested in discussing your UI concepts (here or by mail)
and your low pace ideally matches my time constraints :-)

If you are interested I'm willing to help reviewing and testing. I
have the opposite Midas touch which is good for testing.


Herbert                            mailto:herbertkoenig at

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