Pending mac carbon VM 3.8.18b1

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Sun Jun 10 18:16:58 UTC 2007

I've pushed a 3.8.18b1 VM to my ftp site and to my idisk via

This VM includes David T Lewis' changes for 32bit clean memory oop  
address workm which is the most important VM work done in the
last year or so.  Macintosh users are welcome to figure out how big a  
memory space they can allocate by adjusting the info.plist


I suspect it might only be 1.5GB, surely not 2GB?

3.8.18b1	Thanks to work by David T Lewis we have an interp.c which is  
more rational when dealing with  oops addresses
			As part of this work I changed a large number of support files to  
use sqInt/usqInt versus integer, and did warning
			msg cleanup work, plus dropped Exupery support until Exupery is  
more stable and someone wants to work on macintel

			SecurityPlugin.h			prototype statements coded wrong.

			sqMemoryAccess.h		David T Lewis changes for 32/64 bit clean  
address values

			sqMacOpenGL.c			warning msg cleanup, casting
			sqMacOpenGLInfo.c		warning msg cleanup, casting
			sqMacDragDrop.c			warning msg cleanup, use if sqInt for oops, casting
			sqMacUnixFileInterface.c	warning msg cleanup, casting
			sqMacHostWindow.c		use sqInt
			sqMacHostWindow.h		warning msg cleanup
			sqMacInternetConfiguration.c warning msg cleanup
			HID_Queue_Utilities.c		warning msg cleanup
			HID_Utilities.c				warning msg cleanup
			HID_Utilities.h				warning msg cleanup
			sqMacMIDI.c				warning msg cleanup
			sqMacSecurity.c			warning msg cleanup
			sqMacSerialPort.c			warning msg cleanup
			sqUnixSoundDebug.h		warning msg cleanup
			sqUnixSoundMacOSXJMM.c	warning msg cleanup
			sqMacUUID.c				warning msg cleanup
			NSCursorWrappers.m		warning msg cleanup
			sqMacEncoding.h			warning msg cleanup
			sqMacImageIO.c			use sqInt
			sqMacMain.c				warning msg cleanup, use sqInt for oops
			sqMacMemory.c			use sqInt/usqInt
			sqMacMemory.h			use sqInt/usqInt
			sqMacNSPluginUILogic2.c	warning msg cleanup
			sqMacNSPluginUILogic2.h	warning msg cleanup
			sqMacTime.c				warning msg cleanup
			sqMacUIClipBoard.c		use sqInt
			sqMacUIEvents.h			use sqInt
			sqMacUIEventsUniversal.c	warning msg cleanup
			sqMacUnixExternalPrims.c	warning msg cleanup
			sqMacWindowUniversal.c	use sqInt, warning msg cleanup
			sqNamedPrims.h			remove ExuperyPlugin_exports
			sqPlatformSpecific.h		use sqInt, warning msg cleanup

3.8.17b6		sqMacWindowUniversal.c	Bug fix, If the browser image is  
full screen it needs to open in the foreground, not the

3.8.17b5		sqMacUIEventsUniversal.c	Bug fix, Bert noticed if you used  
the maximize window buttons the mouse tracking didn't
									get updated.

John M. McIntosh <johnmci at>
Corporate Smalltalk Consulting Ltd.

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