Fishing for a CS Masters Thesis Topic

Daniel Vainsencher danielv at
Wed Jun 13 19:40:44 UTC 2007

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A new kernel for Squeak, based only on Traits (no inheritance).


1. Writing a kernel for Squeak should be challenging and a little 

2. I am quite sure that it is possible to create something easier to 
understand than the current kernel, which uses both inheritance and traits.

3. Seems quite likely to me that it would allow to simplify other parts 
of the system, because if done right it would allow to have a variety of 
things that are somewhat similar to classes without duplication of code. 
For example, a representation of a version of a class that is not 
currently loaded (useful for versioning systems) has some of the 
functionality of a class (same state), but lacks other functionality 
(cannot create instances).


Robert Stehwien wrote:

> I've been primarily a Windows C++ developer for 12 years with a little
> Java, Perl, Python, and lately Ruby along the way.  I've never looked
> at line of Smalltalk until recently.  But that all changed when I
> decided to get a Masters in CS and since a PhD isn't out of the
> question write a thesis.
> When asked by a co-worker what my thesis topic would be, I said "maybe
> something with peer-to-peer, gaming, collaborative environments, 3D,
> education, visual programming, interaction design, or languages" (big
> list I know but somewhat ordered).  I started digging around and
> noticed a pattern... Smalltalk, Squeak, Croquet, and Seaside kept
> coming up (although it took a little while to notice the mouse icon
> and 3d bunny.
> So I've ordered the book "Object Land", downloaded all the free books
> and Squeak (ordered the DVD too), and joined the list.  But I'm still
> having trouble narrowing down a thesis topic to present to my adviser
> (for adjustment I'm sure).
> Anyone have any suggestions for a thesis topic?  Maybe there is some
> part of Squeak that the community would like
> documented/researched/implemented.  P2P gaming/collaboration using
> Croquet sound interesting (Croquet has a great deal of potential), but
> I'm pretty open for suggestions.
> Thanks,
> Robert
> PS: As a working C++ developer it will take a while for me to finish
> the thesis and my masters.

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