[ANN] AIDA/Web app server 5.4 beta released on Squeak

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Thu Jun 14 14:28:01 UTC 2007

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> Il giorno gio, 14/06/2007 alle 13.27 +0200, Lukas Renggli ha scritto:
> > > - Url's not RESTlike
> > 
> > The question about REST is more a religion than a technical 
> question.
> > Fact is,  Seaside supports RESTful URLs with little 
> additional effort 
> > from the developer.
> While I agree with Lukas that Seaside supports RESTful URLs, 
> I'd like to remind everyone that REST is much more than 
> having meaningful URLs.
> 	Giovanni

Well, that could be a exesive simplification because one can allways decide
when to stop to think technical and start to be a "beleiver". I choose
technical. Look: think on the implications of it's first and third principle
(reference below).  For the incautious mind, they are working as the seed of
a forced relationalish style of thinking (if not proceduralish) instead of
objetish style of thinking. Results of this are at everybody's sight all
arround in the web. 

I personally prefer Seaside escentially because continuations and it's
domination of the functionality of the back button that consumers love so
much[*] but, even if I don't choose it, I applaud having another ST option
for web development.

Just for reference extracted from wikipedia: 

REST's proponents argue that the Web enjoyed the scalability and growth that
it has had as a direct result of a few key design principles:
    * Application state and functionality are divided into resources
    * Every resource is uniquely addressable using a universal syntax for
use in hypermedia links
    * All resources share a uniform interface for the transfer of state
between client and resource, consisting of
          o A constrained set of well-defined operations
          o A constrained set of content types, optionally supporting
    * A protocol that is:
          o Client/Server
          o Stateless
          o Cacheable
          o Layered

Prioritizing this is a cachemaniac impulsivity assimilated from hardware
limitations. I like to think that human being thinking (concentration on
application issues, design, functionality) has a lot more value than an
anecdotical efficient activation of bits on metal that can scale more easily
on the unhuman hardware we have today.


Sebastian Sastre
[*] because it's working for them as the tool that gives them the option to
experiment "safely" on the whole web because they are beleivers of the undo
capability (that developers gives to them?)  ;)

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