Fishing for a CS Masters Thesis Topic

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at
Thu Jun 14 20:09:12 UTC 2007

sounds cool!

Some other topics
	Secure and open Squeak. (erights but better)

	Looking Erlang, emerald and getting a new distributed langage

	New ways to browsing code
	implementing a squeak vm on top of pepsi

	if you want more on language ask....


It seems to me that you have fun.... keep doing that.

> Under languages:
> A new kernel for Squeak, based only on Traits (no inheritance).
> Why?
> 1. Writing a kernel for Squeak should be challenging and a little  
> mindbending.
> 2. I am quite sure that it is possible to create something easier  
> to understand than the current kernel, which uses both inheritance  
> and traits.
> 3. Seems quite likely to me that it would allow to simplify other  
> parts of the system, because if done right it would allow to have a  
> variety of things that are somewhat similar to classes without  
> duplication of code. For example, a representation of a version of  
> a class that is not currently loaded (useful for versioning  
> systems) has some of the functionality of a class (same state), but  
> lacks other functionality (cannot create instances).
> Daniel
> Robert Stehwien wrote:
>> I've been primarily a Windows C++ developer for 12 years with a  
>> little
>> Java, Perl, Python, and lately Ruby along the way.  I've never looked
>> at line of Smalltalk until recently.  But that all changed when I
>> decided to get a Masters in CS and since a PhD isn't out of the
>> question write a thesis.
>> When asked by a co-worker what my thesis topic would be, I said  
>> "maybe
>> something with peer-to-peer, gaming, collaborative environments, 3D,
>> education, visual programming, interaction design, or languages" (big
>> list I know but somewhat ordered).  I started digging around and
>> noticed a pattern... Smalltalk, Squeak, Croquet, and Seaside kept
>> coming up (although it took a little while to notice the mouse icon
>> and 3d bunny.
>> So I've ordered the book "Object Land", downloaded all the free books
>> and Squeak (ordered the DVD too), and joined the list.  But I'm still
>> having trouble narrowing down a thesis topic to present to my adviser
>> (for adjustment I'm sure).
>> Anyone have any suggestions for a thesis topic?  Maybe there is some
>> part of Squeak that the community would like
>> documented/researched/implemented.  P2P gaming/collaboration using
>> Croquet sound interesting (Croquet has a great deal of potential),  
>> but
>> I'm pretty open for suggestions.
>> Thanks,
>> Robert
>> PS: As a working C++ developer it will take a while for me to finish
>> the thesis and my masters.

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