Friends of Morphic

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at
Mon Jun 18 01:13:19 UTC 2007

Friends of Morphic

Hi Juan,

I couldn't imagine doing it without you.

I have been following your Morphic 3.0 with interest.
And it would be a natural topic for a Friends of
Morphic discussion.

I don't think there is anyone out there left to object
to repurposing the Morphic list to include Friends of
Morphic discussions.  And maybe the other thing to do
is to claim a few wiki pages for friends of morphic
topics (with illo's and screenshots and hyperlinks to
relevant pages and posts from the various mailing

The time for action is at hand. I'll post guidelines
on the Morphic list or maybe a swiki page.
The way to start would be for each friend to introduce
themselves briefly and mention their interest or

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace

>Friends of Morphic
>Juan Vuletich juan at 
>Thu Jun 14 02:48:57 UTC 2007 
>Hi Jerome,
>I'm currently interested mostly on advancing my
Morphic 3 project. You 
>can read about it at . If Friends
of Morphic agree, 
>I'd like to share opinions, etc. about M3 in the
morphic list.
>BTW, Jerome, I'd be very happy if you got involved in
M3 somehow!

I just re-aquainted myself with your recent efforts.
I'm now involved.
Lots of feedback.  
>Juan Vuletich
>Jerome Peace escribió:
>> Hi Edgar, Hi all,
>> This is a reply to correspondence I have be having
>> with Edgar about morphic. I've copied it to the
>> morphic list and to squeakdev. If any out there
>> an interest in becoming friends of morphic, I
>> discussion and responses. I am hoping the morphic
>> might revive thru the help and interest of friends.
>> Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
>> I wrote: 
>>>> I would like to see a Friends-of-Morphic group.
>>>> A Team implies some responsibilities and
>>> authority. I
>>>> have not gotten that far in my thinking yet.
>>>> The question I want to answer is what would be
>>>> worthwhile? In both the short and long term.
>> You replied: 
>>> I don't have ideas now.
>>> I like Morphic, wish could improve and have a long
>>> life in Squeak.
>>> To me and you sure a Friends-of-Morphic group
>>> better.
>>> But if we wish impact, a team is the answer.
>> Yes, at some point a team will be the answer. 
>> now I am interested in questions.
>> My idea of a friends group is to generate ideas in
>> more casual atmosphere. To attract interested
>> Identify strengths and weaknesses of those.
>> resources (I.e. who has experience and time (or
>> students!) to be part of a team.) 
>> To identify interesting projects and maybe discuss
>> which are worth allocating resources to.
>> Cheers Jer

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