Specifications for the sound recorder program & a low memory image for a Mac, a long request...

Russell N Hyer hrothgar.ofstingan at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 13:07:23 UTC 2007

Dear the developers on this squeak list,

I have a desire to learn about the inner workings of the sound
recorder program that lives inside a squeak image. However, owing to
rot and poor maintenance of my ancient collection of Apple Macs, I am
almost forced to do my work on my PowerBook Duo with 4MB of RAM.
Because of this requirement, I am looking for a pre-shrunken image
with that application in to tinker with. Because of the age of the Mac
I am looking for an adequate squeak app to interpret it from (needn't
be the latest) - but even though the new squeak VMs support ancient
Mac too (I've run it on 7.6, my Duo runs Mac 7.1 and has large (or is
that: low) memory problems (=4MB).

The task I have in mind is to morph the sound recorder program from an
entity that saves the resultant audio data somewhere to something that
operates on a sound input source in memory and takes action
appropriately based on the audio "data stream" being fed to it. [1].
Naturally, my Duo might cause me some more headaches, but I look
forward to meeting them head on (so to speak :)).


R N Hyer
Diploma: English Law with German
University of Kent

[1] If you know of an application that comes closer to the description
I need - and lives inside a squeak image - and is not the sound
recorder program - then feel free to tell me that it has already been
invented. (Or at least the major part of what I am seeking to do...)

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