Specifications for the sound recorder program & a low memory image for a Mac, a long request...

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Mon Jun 18 17:35:16 UTC 2007

Ah, I should ask is this a 68K powerbook duo?

Really one should consider upgrading your hardware, although laptops  
are more expensive, you can I believe find G3 or G4 based desktop  
machines for  I'd think < 25 pounds, or nearly free since these  
machines are 10 years old, hint worthless in the eyes of the public.  

I'd suggest looking in second hand stores, salvation army, thrift  
stores, computer stores, etc for oh say an 8600, extra ram again  
likely a 5 pound cost, and a monitor,  pick your size, varies I think  
from free to a few 10 of pounds, I've seen plenty disgarded because  
of people switching to LCD screens, you'll likely need a VGA adaptor  
plug to use a PC based monitor.

With only 4MB you are hard pressed to have any type of performance  
since the 2.8 or 3.x series of images were 8-9MB in size.

I did build a MVC VM for Dan in 2001  (3.0alpha9MT) which fit in 1MB  
of memory using an image he made that was a 588Kb Squeak 2.2. image  
of sept 23rd, 1998.
If you want these please let me know.  Lastly I think for 68K the  
last VM might be a 3.0.21 flavour, we transitioned in that time  
period from a classic powerpc/68k VM to carbon based powerpc/68K VMs  
to Mach-o non CFM os-x only VMs.

On Jun 18, 2007, at 6:07 AM, Russell N Hyer wrote:

>  I am almost forced to do my work on my PowerBook Duo with 4MB of RAM.
> Because of this requirement, I am looking for a pre-shrunken image
> with that application in to tinker with. Because of the age of the Mac
> I am looking for an adequate squeak app to interpret it from (needn't
> be the latest) - but even though the new squeak VMs support ancient
> Mac too (I've run it on 7.6, my Duo runs Mac 7.1 and has large (or is
> that: low) memory problems (=4MB).

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