AIDA/Web now also on SqeakMap

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Wed Jun 20 11:55:16 UTC 2007

El 6/20/07 7:15 AM, "Janko Mivšek" <janko.mivsek at> escribió:

> Do I need to install Universe browser first because I can't find
> it in my 3.9 open menu?  I so, please add instructions to above wiki
> page too. And because you just write these little docs, maybe it is
> an opportunity to put some instructions how to install packages
> with help of Universe too.
Janko, your AIDA works on 3.10.
I have a made image ready to use.

Still I don't have the fast cable modem , so email private if you wish to
have it


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