Looking for MacOSX Rsync/Rsnapshot User/Expert

Martial Boniou Martial.Boniou at ifrance.com
Thu Jun 21 09:41:56 UTC 2007

Hi Ken,

I'm not an expert in file systems science but it seems that the HFS+ is
a big problem with the standard rsync command. I don't use OSX server
anymore but with OSX tiger, I only use a proprietary solution named
superduper as I never found a good free command to make good copies
between my hard disks.

For a specific rsync solution, I got this program here:

RsyncX is a hack but it works very well. My personal data centers are on
XFS I manage through Linux. I only use HFS+ for my client computer. If
your admin (markus I mean) need a command line program, the rsyncx
command is inside the .app bundle (NeXT reminiscence).

I don't know if the original OSX file systems named UFS would be a
better solution for servers but the lack of fs tools on OSX is very

I hope this will help,



Ken Causey a écrit :
| Marcus Denker is trying to help us out by backing up the community
| server on a server to which he has access.  This happens to be a MacOSX
| server.  We are using rsync/rsnapshot but having some trouble.  If you
| have experience with rsync or rsnapshot on MacOSX I would appreciate the
| opportunity to speak with you.
| Ken


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