Traits for a Thesis?

Klaus D. Witzel klaus.witzel at
Thu Jun 21 15:07:50 UTC 2007

On Thu, 21 Jun 2007 14:57:19 +0200, claudio acciaresi wrote:

> Hello, we (Nicolas Butarelli and Claudio Acciaresi) are from Buenos  
> Aires,  Argentina, we’re trying to make a thesis at the
> University of
> Buenos
> Aires.
> Our initial idea is to reimplement a model using traits,
> we would like to know what your opinions are (if you think that this is  
> useful,
> etc) about this idea and which models do you think that would be nice to  
> rethink
> using traits.

The html+css model is a definitely non-trivial one, especially when it  
comes to the modular rendering engine. See the copied text below for an  
impression, pointers and some ideas, also the full discussion thread @



> Any material related to this idea will be really
> useful.
> Any opinion on this idea will also be useful, if you
> know anther idea related to traits, please tell us.
> Thanks a lot.
> Nicolas and Claudio.
On Fri, 23 Feb 2007 08:18:41 +0100, thread "A practical problem for  

> Some time ago I stepped through the process of applying a new software  
> layer to an existing package, without creating mutual dependency. The  
> base package is Todd's excellent html+css parser+DOM
> -
> I used the W3 spec for designing the new software layer
> -
> -
> The result is attached. It consists of Traits and the intended users of  
> it. As yet no new method has been written; that's a bit too much for me  
> at the moment. I still have not decided what to use, Morphic or Tweak.  
> But if one of the layout experts would explain to me how to layout  
> html+css in the Morphic or in the Tweak world then I'm sure this project  
> can benefit  from your expertise.
> As can be seen from the attached source code, W3's "modules" when  
> implemented as Traits can be attached easily to Todd's fine classes,  
> without any side effect, in a Monticello-friendly fashion. And if  
> someone would decide to get rid of such "crap" then the Traits can as  
> well be deimplemented without any side effect.
> It's also easy to imagine that from here on more than *two* developers  
> can work on the same project; for example one on the hmtl-lists, another  
> on the html-forms, etc, without disturbing each other. And if one of  
> them has a requirement, master package-owner has the power to rule. What  
> else can a Squeaker want :)
> The above can perhaps be used for debating Traits in Squeak. Fur sure  
> the html+css engines belong to the most complicated pieces of software  
> in this time on this planet. They do, in *parallel*, multiple http  
> sessions, layout of parts, user interaction, security tasks, scripting,  
> plug-in instantiation, resource constraints, etc, only for loading *one*  
> single page from the web.
> I would appreciate if the Traits discussion could be directed towards  
> practical solutions for this practical problem. I hope that the html+css  
> project can benefit from your expertise, experience and opinion.
> /Klaus

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