Web controls for Seaside

Randy Siler siler at cidr.washington.edu
Thu Jun 21 21:37:35 UTC 2007

I'm very very interested in seeing this happen. Do you have any idea  
how long before we might see it?
On Jun 15, 2007, at 10:59 AM, Burella Juan M. wrote:

> In order to ease the work with our web application  we have added  
> component support for Seaside. It's what is called "AJAX Framework"  
> out there, although we preferred not to call it "framework" nor  
> toolkit by now. Much of the ideas of this package are based on  
> WindowBuilder Pro, a commercial window builder that enables visual  
> programming.
> Right now we have support for most common web controls (TextField,  
> Panel, RadioButton, TextArea, Label, Button, Anchor, CheckBoxGroup,  
> RadioButtonGroup, ListBox, FieldSet) and we are working on a  
> builder tool for generate Seaside components (pages) dinamically.  
> We call it SeasideBuilder.
> Using our package, for example, if you want to specify a ListBox of  
> countries you have to (without the builder):
> >>countryControl
>     "Private - Answer a ListBox with the countries. If panes not  
> includes it then this is added"
>     ^self
>         paneNamed: #countryList
>         ifNonePut: [ (SFListBox new)
>                         printSelector: #viewerString;
>                         styleClass: 'large';
>                         items: self countries;
>                         label: 'País';
>                         layout: self layout;
>                         addItem: nil labelFrom: 'Ninguno';
>                         when: #selectedChanged
>                              send: #selectedItem
>                             to: self;
>                         yourself]
> and it's rendered with:
> >>renderContentOn: html
>     "Private - Render the receiver"
>     html render: self countryControl
> With the builder you'll have to pick the control you want,  
> configure properties, preview if you want it, and finally add to a  
> page layout tree. When the tree is already configured properly,  
> code for the rendering and controls is compiled into the class,  
> along with tree support for future editing with the tool, although  
> this is under heavy developement.
> Maybe this work could be interesting for someone out there. If so,   
> we'd have to ask our institution for permission to release a public  
> version under an appropiate licensing (GPL, LGPL, BSD, etc).
> Juan M. Burella, Hernán Morales and Norberto Manzanos, CAICYT
> http://www.caicyt.gov.ar

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