Traits for a Thesis?

Bergel, Alexandre bergel at
Fri Jun 22 10:27:35 UTC 2007


Two challenging topics on traits:

	- A collection hierarchy made in Traits (in the similar fashion  
advocated by Nathanel Schaerli in his PhD)

	- A smalltalk-kernel only based on traits (cf. Daniel's email below)

By the way, we should keep in touch, I will be in south america at  
the end of this year, and will visit Argentina even if I will be  
based in Chile. We should keep in touch since I am working also with  


> Hello, we (Nicolas Butarelli and Claudio Acciaresi) are from Buenos  
> Aires,  Argentina, we’re trying to make a thesis at the University  
> of Buenos Aires.
> Our initial idea is to reimplement a model using traits, we would  
> like to know what your opinions are (if you think that this is  
> useful, etc) about this idea and which models do you think that  
> would be nice to rethink using traits.
> Any material related to this idea will be really useful.
> Any opinion on this idea will also be useful, if you know anther  
> idea related to traits, please tell us.
> Thanks a lot.
> Nicolas and Claudio.

Alexandre Bergel

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