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Sun Jun 24 06:47:34 UTC 2007

Hello Jason,

JJ> The object catalog?  You mean that thing with about 8 tabs
JJ> and shows some morphs?  I have tried that several times but I can
JJ> never find anything in there.  I have never seen, for example the
JJ> things one would use to build the class browser.

it's called Objects in the World menu and object catalog in the
widgets flap. And I'm only doing rough sketches like attached.

Magenta is for the names of the widgets, boldface is the general
purpose, the rest is description of function and general remarks.

The bottom right rectangle is not even part of the UI but a general
description how to use the UI.

I can send the picture by mail and then I pick up the phone to talk
about it.

In that particular image I have 14 Morphic projects (= 14 Desktops),
partly documentation, partly browsers opened on a certain aspect of
the code.

It's the familiar place to come back to which helps me start working
quickly after being absent for some time.

That's what I meant with superior to Delphi or VB where you can easy
place the original widgets on a form but there's no room for other


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