Areithfa Ffenestri where?

tim Rowledge tim at
Sun Jun 24 15:37:41 UTC 2007

On 24-Jun-07, at 7:19 AM, Herbert König wrote:

> Hello,
> I wanted to have a look at Areithfa Ffenestri and couldn't find a link
> for download, only a lot of references on the mailing list. is the current intro page. The VM  
code is in the VM repository under 'HostWindowPlugin'. Aside from  
some simple testing code there isn't any image code to speak of;  
someone needs to write it. John wrote some code to treat a Project as  
a host window but I really don't like that approach very much. In my  
opinion we really want the ability to have each window as a window.  
If some suitable high-level morph (existing or new) can be made a  
suitable proxy for the host window then Ffenestri should have enough  
API to allow us to make fully host decorated main windows,  
undecorated host windows to use as pop-up menus and dialogues and  
pretty much anything else.

Now that we have access to Cairo drawing libraries and all the font  
stuff it really ought to be possible to implement a Squeak UI that  
hardly ever needs to fall back to simple bitblt. The potential for  
performance enhancement is enormous.

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