Areithfa Ffenestri where?

tim Rowledge tim at
Sun Jun 24 23:14:16 UTC 2007

On 24-Jun-07, at 11:41 AM, Herbert König wrote:

> Hello Tim,
> tR> is the current intro page.  
> The VM
> tR> code is in the VM repository under 'HostWindowPlugin'. Aside from
> all I found was sqWin32HostWindowPlugin.c, including its own header
> file which wasn't there.
you should have a source tree starting at 'platforms'. Under that you  
should have
Mac OS
Risc OS

You should find
		Mac OS /HostWindowPlugin/sqMacHostWindow.c & .h
and there ought to be a Risc OS version but even I can't find it.  
Wonder what I managed to do to lose that... Some body somewhere  
almost certainly has a unix/x11 version but not me, now, on my machine.

tim Rowledge; tim at;
granary - old folks home

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