[Q] Problem in Soap Processing

"S.J.Chun" chunsj at embian.com
Tue Jun 26 06:09:02 UTC 2007

 Thank you very much.

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> It seems that main cause of error is in Array>>elementsForwardIdentityTo: otherArray, which
> is primitive and this primitive failure is main cause of error. This message is sent to array of single
> element(a SoapHref) with #(0) as a argument.

The error seems to be related to SoapHref>>safeBecomeForward:. I
thought it was fixed in the 20070508 version of SOAP on SM. Anyway the
latest version (not released on SM yet) is here:


I could not reproduce the error when I read the envelope like:

envelopeBuilder := SoapEnvelopeBuilder new.
testXML := (FileStream readOnlyFileNamed: 'yourEnvelope.txt')
returnEnvelope := envelopeBuilder buildSoapEnvelopeFromXmlString: testXML.
message := SoapMessage envelope: returnEnvelope.
resp := SoapResponse fromSoapMessage: message.
value := resp returnValue. "inspect it"

So, could you send me SqueakDebug.log? (or DebugReport html is best,
if possible).

> Thanks in advance.
> PS)
> Href's in Soap Request/Response is normal? I haven't seen this before. Can I turn this off?
It is normal and .NET SOAP implementations use Hrefs quite often, so I
had to add this feature. However, for primitive types, the latest
SoapCore does not use Href. So your problem might be solved by
updating SOAP.

[:masashi | ^umezawa]

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