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Jon Hylands jon at huv.com
Tue Jun 26 21:00:36 UTC 2007

On Tue, 26 Jun 2007 13:45:22 -0700, Blake <blake at kingdomrpg.com> wrote:

> The latter strikes me as silly. In a language where "if" is part of the  
> grammar, I can see it sort-of making sense, especially if nesting "if"s,  
> to include "else"s with NOPs.

The issue is, what does the expression return, in the false case, if
#ifFalse: isn't there?

It may be a Smalltalk standard to return nil in that case - I have no idea.
Personally, when I'm doing something with an expression (like returning it,
or assigning it), I always make it very explicit what I (the programmer)
expect to happen in all cases...


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