[FEEDBACK] Important UTF8 and others Windows ENH by Andreas

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Jun 27 12:06:44 UTC 2007


I attach my still not in the updates stream how to have Andreas Raab
proposal (see 

I have a Windows PC now for testing purposes, the .cs activates the release
team how to manage things via Monticello.

All seems correct, but I don't was a Windows guy.
So I beg all test this, as team requires test before we put any in the

Any problems, etc, I was in IRC

And Andreas, thanks for your work and remember now you must put
SmalltalkImage current  platformName and not Smalltalk platformName.
Original .cs blows the Mac image !


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'From Squeak3.10alpha of 30 March 2007 [latest update: #7119] on 26 June 2007 at 10:03:28 am'!
"Reporter: andreas
Summary: 0006523: Windows VM uses UTF-8 for files and clipboard
Description: The 3.10.x series of Windows VMs will exclusively support UTF-8 for the file and clipboard interface. The attached change sets provide the required support for LanguageEnvironment and beyond.
See also 6524 6525 and 6526

ReleaseBuilderFor3dot10 new updatePackages: 'Collections-edc.86(85).mcd

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