Paying for projects

Herbert König herbertkoenig at
Thu Jun 28 19:57:40 UTC 2007

Hello Jason,

JJ> 1) I don't want to spam everyone with the details.  Most
JJ> people that would be interested would just want "X project
JJ> complete and here's what it does"
JJ> 2) I don't want input about the value of the project from
JJ> people who have no intention of doing the work or paying to get
JJ> work done.  If you think my project ideas are crap, fine, but I
JJ> don't want my list to get weighted down with that kind of stuff. 
JJ> I am making things I want to use, if no one else in the world
JJ> would want it, that's fine.

I believe Squeak will benefit from such a mechanism. And I think your
argument (2) is very valid in a more general sense too.

What about a moderated list for this purpose? Personally I can live with
your list and you firing anybody who misuses the list :-))


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